Blok-Huisbeheer will -on your invitation- make an appointment to inspect the house and to discuss the possibilities and conditions for leasing out the house.

The minimum lease period would be about 3 months.

When you decide to work together with Blok-Huisbeheer we will:
  • Start searching for a prospective tenant, matching the requirements,
  • Make up the contract between the owner and the tenant,
  • Make up a house-management agreement,
  • Make arrangements for the finances and for the deposit,
  • Take care of collecting of the rent and the financial checks,
  • Look after the subscriptions of the utilities, gas, electricity and water,
  • Arrange for the check-in at the start of the lease period,
  • Keep in contact with the tenant and look after the house on a regular basis,
  • Arrange for the check-out at the end of the lease period,
  • Take care of the final delivery and settling the final finances.

Charges for House Management:
Blok-Huisbeheer works on the basis of no-cure-no-pay, i.e. only when we have found a tenant and the lease agreement between owner and tenant has actually been signed, remuneration for services rendered and to be rendered will be due. The costs for actual management of the house will be charged per month.

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