To rent a house:
Prospective tenants can contact us --free of any charge or obligation-- preferably by Email.

In order to look out for a suitable house we require the following information:
  • Type of housing required,
  • Lease period required, with start and end dates,
  • Family composition,
  • Information about the affiliation and employer,
  • Information about being smokers/non-smokers
  • Information about pet animals, if any,
  • Reasons why temporary housing is required.

Blok-Huisheer will then:
  • Start looking for a suitable house or appartment,
  • Check-up on the currently available housing, make enquirements and inform about,
  • Provide information about suitable locations and about public transport connections,
  • Organize an inspection visit to the house,
  • Communicate and negotiate with the owners about conditions,
  • Act as an intermediary between the tenant and the owner,
  • Make-up the lease contract when both parties agree to enter into a lease agreement.
Charges for Lease Assistence:
Blok-Huisbeheer works on the basis of no-cure-no-pay, i.e. only when we have found a suitable house for you and the lease agreement between you as a tenant and the owner has actually been signed, a one-time charge for the sevices rendered for intermediation will be due.

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