Termination of Blok-Huisbeheer

Closure of Blok-Huisbeheer

Mrs. Annejuul Blok has decided to close Blok-Huisbeheer Wageningen after 30 years of business, terminating all business activities in the course of 2018. She has contacted the various business relations separately, in particular owners of houses currently being managed and supervised, to explain the matter and to ascertain a smooth transition of supervision back to the house-owners in the course of 2018.

Continuation of Blok-Huisbeheer

The activities of house management of Blok-Huisbeheer will be continued by ‘t Mauritshuis Rental Agency at Oosterbeek, subject to their business conditions and their business model. ’t Mauritshuis is a rental agency with an extensive experience in this specific area, so your interests can be represented by them in a good way. They are affiliated to the sector association VBO Makelaar. You can reach them on telephone number +31-(0)26-4464300, email: verhuur@mauritshuis.info.

Blok-Huisbeheer Wageningen
’t Mauritshuis Oosterbeek